Bitcoin Gold for E-Commerce Payments and Painless International Transactions

Bitcoin Gold (BTG) is for meant to be for everyone and everything. GPUs mine BTG.  And, the process does not use ASICs, because it tries to monopolize mining to just a few players.  However, GPU mining allows everyone to mine and therefore restores decentralization and independence.

Since the GPU mining rewards get distributed among big players, everyone are able to restore decentralization and independence.  The mining rewards get distributed from individuals from across the world.  The reward distribution process creates a network effect, which is a lot like Bitcoin.


The Bitcoin Gold ecosystem consists of exchanges, wallets, pools, traded, total transacted, on-chain TXs. Bitcoin Gold ranks 49. The token has a total supply of 17,513,924 BTG with the Max Supply at 21,000,000 BTG.  The all-time high value for this token was at USD 539.72, and the all-time low value is at USD 4.84.


Bitcoin Gold powers BTGPay. BTG payments are faster, cheaper, and zero fraud in the transactions.  There is no need for a credit card.  The beta testing is happening, and a few merchants are a part of it.  Money gets transferred between wallets in minutes.

The crypto payment made by the customer is integrated seamlessly with the merchant store.  The amount is detected on the BTG network.  The Merchant who receives the payment auto-converts in minutes to USD for applicable conversion fees.


Bitcoin Gold is comfortable and familiar to implement like the Bitcoin, and it is a friendly fork.  There is a lot of space for new ideas and technology, which is one reason why the ecosystem thrives. BTG does not use resources like the Bitcoin hash power, and they do not contest to win the “Real Bitcoin Title.”

Bitcoin Gold with Lighting Network scales limitless payments in seconds.  Indeed, a second layer solution, which lives on the top of the primary blockchain.  The second layer and the side chain provides for the smart…

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