Bitcoin Daily: Brave Grows Crypto Features

Brave, a web browser, is teaming with Binance to grow its digital currency features via an integration, according to reports. Users will have the ability to purchase, receive and trade digital currency assets right on a new tab page.

Brave has been working with digital currencies and rolled out its Basic Attention Token (BAT) digital currency. Brave will support many digital currencies aside from BAT, like Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin and others, in a release to come.

Partner websites get BAT monthly and the amount depends on how much time is spent browsing those webpages. In addition, users can get BAT if they opt to see Brave ads in notifications or on the new tab page.

The browser does not load any data from the Binance server if users don’t use the widget with its original setting. Reports describe it as a native widget that taps into the application programming interface (API) of Binance and is not said to be simply a web embed.

In other news, Polychain Capital and Bain Capital in addition to HDR Global Trading were among participants in a $3 million Series A round for Coin DCX, an exchange based in India, CoinDesk reported. The fundraising comes only weeks following the reversal of a banking ban for digital currency companies.

CoinDCX’s Co-Founder and CEO Sumit Gupta said, according to the report, “The Supreme Court’s decision to strike down the banking ban is an encouraging sign for the broader cryptocurrency ecosystem in India, and we are confident that there is huge potential growth in this market.”

The exchange aims to support digital currency adoption in the country and enhance marketing as well as product development. It will also reportedly debut financial products and handle algorithmic-based trading later in 2020.

User signups have reportedly risen 10 times as of the lifting of the banking ban, according to CoinDCX, per the outlet.



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