Bitcoin Cash To Surpass BTC Market Cap Says Roger Ver

During 2011, Roger Ver, the current Executive Chairman of purchased $25,000 worth of bitcoin when they were selling for approximately $1 each.

In today’s terms, these bitcoins are valued at approximately $179,139,250, hence the nickname, “bitcoin Jesus.” Now, Ver believes that bitcoin cash will surpass the market cap of bitcoin.

Ver is also the founder of bitcoin cash and the bitcoin foundation, making him somewhat, bitcoin royalty. However, Ver’s road to success hasn’t been entirely straightforward:

  • Politics: Ver attempted to enter politics and run for the California State Assembly as a candidate in 2000 for the Libertarian Party.
  • Firecrackers: In 2002, Ver sold firecrackers on eBay and failed to consider the laws around them.
  • US citizenship: During February 2011, Ver made the decision to renounce his US citizenship. But, it wasn’t until 2014 that he was able to get a new citizenship.

Evidently, Ver is not one to shy away from controversy. And in this exclusive interview, Ver opens up about being trolled online, his opinions on the government and shares new insight into what he’s currently working on.

Question: Tell me about your experiences with online trolling

I’m not sure of the exact definition of trolling, but I will assume it is something along the lines of cyberbullying.

Many people on the internet have tried to tell lies about me but for the most part, none of it bothers me as I have confidence in myself and my abilities.

One example is of a person who spent a substantial amount of time to write a long post on Reddit that I would consider trolling.

My response was to debunk each and every point that the author attempted to make. So, I created a YouTube video to talk openly about the trolling.

Question: What is the government’s current stance on crypto?

Every government has a different stance, and many people within a single government will have different stances as well. I’m much more concerned with what is right…

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