Bitcoin Cash Payment Processor Evolves Adding URL Shortener, Paypal API Integration – Bitcoin News, a bitcoin cash noncustodial payment processor, is adding a bunch of interesting functionalities. The payment processor now features a URL shortener that allows users to monetize content on any site on the net. Also, added Paypal API integrations, making it easier for merchants to test Bitcoin Cash payments seamlessly. Adds URL Shortener Functionality, a hosted permissionless bitcoin cash (BCH)-based payment processor, is adding a slew of important updates that extend the functionality of the platform. While the platform launched just three months ago, they are already introducing new features to make its proposal more useful to its users. One of these interesting additions is a URL shortener. This will allow users to monetize access to any website. can also accept any Simple Ledger Protocol (SLP) tokens minted using the Bitcoin Cash chain.

While URL shorteners are not something new, most companies providing this service are fiat-based. uses a bitcoin cash address to send the received payment directly to the wallet of the user. This provides instant redemption of the funds received. It also gives the user an advantage compared to traditional service offerings. Using these fiat-based competitors, the customer needs to withdraw the funds manually after a certain amount is reached.

Paypal API Integration Allows for Seamless Migration

One of the biggest problems that incipient payment processors face is the cost of integration. Many companies that would like to test new payment processors will often pass on them. This…

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