Bitcoin (BTC) Set For Bounce To $9,500 As Market Bulls Make Comeback

The market after a week of plunging has today its revived bullish sentiment. In the last few days, the market plunge saw the total market cap fall from highs of $300B to the set support of $250B. This as the top coin, with over 60% of the dominance dropped from highs of $9,800 to $8,800. Altcoins shared the same fate as most dropped 10% to 20% mid-week.


Bitcoin Bottom Set, What Next?

During the market dip, the message from most analysts was one, buy the dip! Smart investors understood this. The first few weeks of the month and by extension January, had seen the market rally too fast and too hard. This had seen a number of altcoins double their value, Bitcoin during the time, gained more than 45%. The total market cap topped at around $310B. A retracement was inevitable.

The market needed to go back and set support before continuing its rally. At around $270B, and Bitcoin holding strong support above $9,500, this looked ideal but there was a possibility that it could set a bearish trend.

Wen Bitcoin breached the $9,500 support mid-week, this triggered a massive sell-off. Investors panicked and set off a chain reaction that saw the market wipe out billions and Bitcoin fall to $8,800.

Bitcoin has however enjoyed better support at this position and after getting back above its 200 EMA, it has recorded a nice bounce. At the time of writing this, it has climbed above $8,900 and looks set to get back above $9K.

Altseason Back On The Table

Altcoins are also looking positive led by the two biggest altcoins. Ethereum and XRP are up by 5% and 6% respectively….

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