Bitcoin Black Friday Is Back On November 27! – Bitcoin Magazine

Bitcoin Black Friday is coming back for 2020 with over 200 merchants and over 250 product deals!

Bitcoin Black Friday has returned this year with 350 deal listings from over 300 companies to date, and even more deals are going live to celebrate Bitcoin Black Friday (November 27) through Cypher Monday (November 30).

What started in 2012 with very humble beginnings as a grassroots initiative from some active Bitcointalk forum members and just a few dozen participating Bitcoin merchants, has grown over the years to a large-scale event for the global Bitcoin community, producing some of the largest-volume days on record for Bitcoin payment processors and merchants.

“For us, Bitcoin Black Friday is all about highlighting the infrastructure that exists for Bitcoin commerce today and in drawing attention to that, to help accelerate the path to a Bitcoin circular economy,” John Riggins, organizer of Bitcoin Black Friday, said. “We need a day to bring attention and business to the merchants that support Bitcoin payments, including all of the great Bitcoin product companies in our space.”

International coverage of the event (2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018), especially in Bitcoin bull markets, has increased awareness about Bitcoin and its use in commerce during the holiday season. This year’s celebration marks the incredible amount of progress that Bitcoin has made as a payments technology, with technical deployments like the Lightning Network, new companies working in the commerce flow and thousands of interested consumers all in the spotlight.

“The key driver of that attention is quality deals, so in this reboot of Bitcoin Black Friday, a successful event means featuring more and higher-quality deals than in any previous year and driving more people to use the Bitcoin network for payments, including technology that wasn’t as ready for prime time in the last iteration of Bitcoin Black Friday, like the Lightning…

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