Bitcoin and altcoins looking for direction

The sellers weren’t strong enough to break through the supports of the leading cryptos, and the price spent the last 24 hours recovering the levels previous to the last drop made on Monday’s early hours. The most optimistic is the Binance coin (+11.91%). Ethereum has a 24-hour gain of 3.65 percent. The rest of the leading cryptocurrencies move in the 2% range.

The Ethereum tokens are also mostly in the green, with BAT, CRO, and MKR leading the top-cap gains of about 2.5 percent. Also worth mentioning ENJ (+6%), QNT (+6.22%), DX(+6.69%) and BHT(+16%).

The market capitalization is currently $193.772 billion, about $5 billion higher than on Monday’s morning, with a 24H traded volume of $35.214 billion, which is about $5 billion and 12.5% less than on Monday, whereas the dominance of Bitcoin is kept at 64.25 percent.

Crypto Total Market with Volume

The chart above shows that the total market cap Linear Regression Channel moves in a slightly descending path, confirming the reactive nature of this trend. We see also that the upward trendline has been pierced, creating doubts about the fate of the previous upward trend.

Hot News

Binance tries to increase its markets in India and Indonesia. In a publication issued today, Binance announces that its users are now able to trade cryptocurrencies peer-to-peer using Indian Rupees and Indonesian Rupiah against BTC, ETH, BNB, USDT, and BUSD.

The Chinese government has set up a committee for the development of standards for Blockchain and Digital Ledger Technologies in general. That information was released in an official notice issued on Monday 13. It came three days after the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, asking for feedback on standardizing data security in Blockchain.

According to a report by AmbCrupto published today, the information gathered from the Options’ open interest figures shows a potential bearish continuation for bitcoin and cryptos. In that report, we can see that the put open interest is…

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