Bitcoin analysts explain what’s next in the aftermath of BTC plunging to $16.2K

The price of Bitcoin (BTC) dropped sharply on Nov. 26 following a mass sell-off from whales. Data from on-chain data firms, namely Santiment, Intotheblock, and CryptoQuant, show heightened levels of whale exchange inflows.

Whales selling right under Bitcoin’s all-time high, particularly when the market sentiment was overly euphoric, led to a massive drop. Roughly $1.8 billion worth of futures contracts were wiped out, as Cointelegraph reported.

Some exchanges, like Binance as an example, recorded $400 million worth of liquidations within merely several hours.

According to Santiment, whales sold quickly after Bitcoin surpassed $19,300. Many of these high-net-worth individuals sold so aggressively that they are no longer in the whale category of holding over 1,000 BTC.

The overleveraged derivatives market started crashing as soon as the price of Bitcoin saw a relatively minor drop. Eventually, BTC dropped to as low as $16,200 on major exchanges. Analysts at Santiment said:

“$BTC whales with 1,000 or more coins held (currently $16.7M or more) sold off nearly immediately after the $19.3k price top two days ago. 11 of these whales actually sold off enough to no longer be in this 1,000+ coin category, just as prices peaked.”

Researchers at Intotheblock spotted a similar trend. The drop in the price of Bitcoin matched the moment when whales transferred 93,000 BTC into exchanges. When the price of BTC was at the yearly peak, 93,000 BTC were worth $1.8 billion.

Subsequent to the rapid crash of the Bitcoin futures market, the outlook on Bitcoin from traders and analysts remains divided. Some believe that BTC is headed for a deeper…

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