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Gary Leland is hosting the third installment of the BitBlockBoom conference in Dallas, Texas on August 29, 2020. But this year’s event is decidedly different: this is set to be the first well-attended, in-person Bitcoin event held in the United States since the Covid-19 outbreak began.

Because of the unique situation he’s in, Bitcoin Magazine wanted to check in with Gary and understand more about the preparations he’s making to ensure that BitBlockBoom is both a successful and safe event for everyone attending.

Flip: I think you’re the first well-known Bitcoin event being held in-person since the Covid-19 outbreak (correct me if I’m wrong there) and folks will be super interested in what you’re doing differently/how expectations have changed.

Gary Leland: Yes, I believe we are the first conference since Covid-19 for sure. I appreciate you taking the time to help share BitBlockBoom with your subscribers.

Flip: What are your major drivers for wanting to host an in-person event?

Leland: This will be the third year for the BitBlockBoom Bitcoin Conference, and it has been an in-person event since its inception. My goal is to build a conference I would personally enjoy attending.

I love networking at smaller conferences where everything is on a much more personal level. While there have been many larger conferences that I have enjoyed, I just prefer a smaller conference with less attendees over a conference with 2,000 or more attendees.

I am also only interested in Bitcoin, and not really interested in alts or anything else except Bitcoin, so in my eyes, nothing could be better than hanging out with a bunch of Bitcoiners and talking about Bitcoin. Not debating if Bitcoin is better than some other shitcoin, but talking about what Bitcoin is and what Bitcoin will do in the future.
I have found most people do not even know one Bitcoiner that lives in the same city they live in, so they are overwhelmed when they come to BitBlockBoom and meet…

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