Bingbon Review: Cryptocurrency Derivatives Trading Platform

Founded in 2018, Bingbon has established itself as a leading crypto trading platform that empowers retail traders to use crypto derivative contracts. It was founded with the aim to become a pioneer and market leader – Bingbon covers not only digital assets but also other financial instruments, such as FOREX, indices, and commodities.

Simultaneously, with the integration of advanced features like copy trading and demo trading, Bingbon certainly simplifies the trading and investment experience for investors from all around the world.

Thanks to its efficient and cost-efficient trading mechanism, Bingbon has successfully raised a large user community along with a number of other achievements. So far, there are over 300,000 account members on Bingbon who create around $500,000 of trading volume per day.

Taiwan and Vietnam are among the latest emerged markets on Bingbon, and the platform is on the way to expand its service to other nations on the globe.

Now let’s go to descriptive details about Bingbon’s functionalities and how it supports traders to create returns – while limiting risk.

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Bingbon Features

Bingbon sets itself apart from its competitors by adding more options and products in its list of offerings. Basically, Bingbon offers perpetual contracts with the selection of cross margin and isolated margin.

These should be familiar to most traders and will allow them to place orders confidently. Derivative options on Bingbon capture a wide range of instruments, from cryptocurrencies, FOREX, commodities, and indices, which all are available for traders and speculators to use in any way they want.

  • Cryptocurrencies. Bingbon presents the USDT-denominated contracts in with 12 other popular coins, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, ChainLink, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash. For Bitcoin and Ethererum, Bingbon specifically provides inverse contracts, which allow users to choose BTC and ETH as the base coin in the contract. The platform is going to add more cryptos into the…

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