Binance is calling for futures brokers to join its program to grow the blockchain ecosystem

Binance is calling for futures brokers to join its program to grow the blockchain ecosystem

Crypto exchange Binance is looking for future brokers to join as it launches the Binance Broker Program.

Through the program, Binance is looking forward to collaborating with over 100 brokers to jointly grow the blockchain ecosystem. The program offers matching services, account management, and settlement systems to its partner brokers. With Binance Futures Broker Bonus Program, there is a bigger growth that awaits all the brokers.

“Each of our broker partners is able to earn significant rebates and commissions on the trading fees that come to Binance through their efforts. Our partners also benefit from Binance’s liquidity, market depth, asset management, and security infrastructure, and personalized marketing support. Our top brokers also get rewarded, using 10% of the revenue we generate from the program,“ Binance announced.

Binance has shared the Binance Broker API to more than 100 brokers in the past six months, including trading platforms, trading bots, asset management teams, crypto wallets, and more. The exchange was able to activate over 10,000 active users which result in an additional $100 million daily average trading volumes.

Brokers also play a major part in Binance’s marketing growth initiatives. In its ongoing Binance Futures Trading Tournament, over 30 teams that have participated were referred by brokers, so the firm wants to make the experience more rewarding for its broker partners.

“With the newly-launched Binance Futures Broker Bonus Program, you can now earn a bonus of up to 72,000 USDT, based on the fees paid by your referrals over a period of one calendar month,“ Binance continued.

“This is on top of the 30% commission you’ll earn from referring new users to Binance. This means that if your referrals end up paying 360,000 USDT in trading fees, you get to earn a total of $180,000 from commissions and bonuses.”

Check out the table below to see the details.

Binance is expanding its broker support network to accommodate more partners. In fact, it is looking for talented people to support the growth of its broker program.

Meanwhile, Binance already addressed the B.K. user crypto scam case. The exchange said that it is committed to combating fraud and it cooperated with the Korean law enforcement agency. Binance already returned the scammed funds back to the victim.

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