BEXAM IEO on X-Hive Exchange

On 13th of May, X-Hive, a crypto-to-crypto exchange with advantages of both Decentralized exchange (DEX) and Centralized exchange (CEX), will launch the pre-IEO of the BEXAM token ($BEXAM) with 10% discount. Users are able to purchase $BEXAM with Bitcoin (BTC) on X-Hive exchange with this discount until the 20th of May. The second phase of the $BEXAM IEO is scheduled to start on the 27th of May.

What is Bexam?

Bexam, the next generation blockchain/DAG hybrid platform, is focused on providing a solution for large enterprises worldwide using blockchain. A solution for cross-industry platforms operating multiple transactions on the same chain, solving speed and scalability issue. Bexam builds custom applications for enterprises with distributed ledger technology using the Grid Ledger System (GLS). In the GLS network, this technological system gives roles to each individual nodes; similar to the process of sharding, by formulating a node hierarchy consisting of Super Nodes, Master Nodes, and Normal Nodes and Signal Nodes. This system is able to conduct optimization through data sharing and parallel processing in transactions, which is suited for DEXs as they are slower in speed compared to CEXs. As such, X-Hive Exchange is the first to be on the Bexam network.

BEXAM Token Utility

The functions of $BEXAM are as follows:

  • Master Node and Super Node staking/rewarding
  • Smart money
  • Functional cryptocurrency

Merit of holding the BEXAM token

  • Owning the $BEXAM gives you ownership of the Master and Supernodes; 500,000 $BEXAM for a Master Node, 100,000 $BEXAM for a Super Node.
  • Users will receive a 50% discount on the trading fee, by using $BEXAM to pay for the trading fee on X-Hive exchange, starting from the official launch of X-Hive.

Quantity Sale:

During pre-IEO starting 200,000 USD worth of $BEXAM will be distributed on X-Hive.

Pre-Sale Price:

10% discount from 0.12 USD = 1 $BEXAM

X-Hive exchange is scheduled to be officially launched in June 2019, which is when…

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