Beware of NHS infected emails

Action Fraud (AF), a fraud and cybercrime reporting center in the United Kingdom, has come out to denounce scammers impersonating National Health Service (NHS) soliciting crypto COVID-19 donations.

Crypto COVID-19 donation scams modus

These scammers send fake infected emails impersonating NHS workers, usually to get crypto COVID-19 donations. Reportedly, these emails are infected with bitcoin ransomware or credentials stealing malware and target hospitals, mostly leading to the blocking of clinical systems.

Owing to this operation and the general rise in scam proportionate to the number of coronavirus cases, AF has partnered with London police to issue scam alerts concerning the crypto COVID-19 donations and other scam operations. AF publicized the alert via their Twitter page warning people against opening emails of NHS or donating money, saying that they don’t accept cryptocurrencies.

Other crypto scams spawned by the virus

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, similar scams have become rampant with these scammers using various modus operandi to carry out their operations like impersonating reputable global organizations, using malware, etc.

Recently, another group of scammers also impersonated the World Health Organization asking people to donate Bitcoins for a list of infected people in their neighborhood. Reportedly, some other scammers use the name of Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs service offering tax refunds and tricking victims to fake websites to steal their credentials.

These operations alongside the crypto COVID-19 donations made the UK Financial Conduct Authority to issue its warning against investing in any

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