Behind Bitcoin Smart Contract Developer’s Push to Court Silicon Valley Programmers

IOVLabs, the parent of RSK, is opening a Blockchain Innovation and Development Studio in San Francisco. RSK, the first major Bitcoin sidechain bringing Ethereum-style smart contracts to Bitcoin, launched the studio to support experimentation with and development of next-generation blockchain solutions.

The studio, led by CAP Ventures Partner Ariel Muslera, and tasked with creating new developer tools for decentralized infrastructures, plans to collaborate with startups and companies to identify real-world problems. Being in Silicon Valley will allow the company to forge relationships with the developer community there – including non-blockchain developers.

RSK historically has worked to solve problems at the low-level of the Bitcoin protocol (RSK Smart Contracts and RIF OS Infrastructure Services, for instance) to turn the Bitcoin ecosystem into a new global financial system. The studio is designed to solve problems for the Application layer, which Diego Gutiérrez Zaldívar, the RIF Labs and RSK CEO, calls the “final layer”. 

In San Francisco, RSK plans to connect with the developer community. “Of course, San Francisco and Silicon Valley is one of the top communities, if not the top community, for developers and startups in the world, and we think the future of blockchain and mass adoption is related to making these technologies easy to use for developers,” said Gutiérrez-Zaldívar. And not necessarily just blockchain developers. 

“So far we have been pushing developers into a steep learning curve of getting into the inner workings of blockchain and decentralized technology,” said Gutiérrez-Zaldívar, one of the first people to foster and develop Bitcoin and blockchain technology in Latin America. “The developer studio that we started here has the purpose of building good libraries and documentation so traditional developers, non-blockchain, can use decentralized infrastructure in an easy way.” 

Gutiérrez-Zaldívar wants developers to build…

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