Because of the coronavirus, dozens of bus drivers are being dismissed

The restrictions on the movement of people as a measure to contain the progress of the coronavirus are already impacting a class of workers. With the reduction in the number of trips, dozens of bus drivers are having their wages reduced or are being excused. The cut should also extend to bill collectors, ticket agents, maintenance workers.

On social networks, company employees have shown apprehension about the future of their jobs. Images of yards crowded with stopped buses are shared to give the dimension of the problem.

Viação Cometa, one of the largest bus companies in Brazil, it is one that has already taken drastic measures. An employee who preferred to keep his age confidential, but who has 14 years of service to the company and who does the Campinas x Rio line, revealed that workers over 60 are being sent home and receiving paid leave.

The big problem is with those under 60 years of age. According to this official, workers who are not elderly are being discharged and will not be paid next month’s wages.

Their hope is that at least the company will not cut the food ticket and will be able to continue without charging for the medical insurance.

An employee who works in the company’s garage in Juiz de Fora, Minas Gerais, said that three workers there have already lost their jobs.

More layoffs

Another company that is also laying off employees is Itapemirim, headquartered in the state of Espirito Santo. After being informed of his dismissal, an employee vented on social media.

“Now, at home, with two small children, without a job, without a salary. Death will be due to depression ”, he wrote.

Gontijo, one of the ten largest companies in the industry in Brazil, issued a statement to its employees informing that there will be a total stoppage. To avoid layoffs, everyone will be on vacation.

Waiting for credit line

The hope of road passenger transport companies is that the government open a credit line.

Flávio Maldonado, the director of the Association of Passenger Road Transport Companies, said that some companies were already facing a delicate financial situation and the coronavirus pandemic further complicated things.

Owner of a car that has 210 vehicles, Maldonado says that the company’s revenue has been reduced to zero since a week ago that no cash has entered the box and that the company has even lost the ability to pay for diesel and neither employees. He estimates that 70% of employees will go unpaid.

Maldonado also said that of the 855 employees he had, 700 were dismissed and he does not know how he will pay the salaries of the dismissed, as well as their terminations.

He expects the government to open a credit line for use in working capital.

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