Baikal Miner BK-X ASIC Miner: Profitable Hash Rate Power?

Even with the significant rise in public interest in group mining corporations, many miners still like to do things the (somewhat) old fashioned way. Thousands of bitcoin and other cryptocurrency miners all over the world are operating their own setups, using power sources linked to high-tech devices to be constantly mining, constantly earning.

But within this competitive industry, it is often a race to maximize efficiency and profits while minimizing cost of operation and power usage. This public need has led to an explosion in the field of the production of mining technology. Competitors continue to rise and fall in ranking, and competition between bigger companies continues to create innovation.

As it stands, one big contender in the minds of some miners is Baikal BK-X ASIC Miner. This review will consolidate the most up-to-date information on this competitive miner.

Baikal BK-X ASIC Miner Specs

The first consideration in any miner choice is likely to come down to the specifications of the device. This section will detail some of the main factors in the specifications of the Baikal BK-X ASIC mining device.

Note: that the BK-X can come with any of several unique algorithms, all of which have varying hash rates and powers in standard condition.

  • The X11 algorithm gives its owner a hash rate of 10GH/s with a variance of plus-or-minus five percent. Additionally, this algorithm gets 630 Wats of power in basic conditions.
  • Quark algorithm gets the same hash rate but requires 360 Wats of power.
  • Qubit is the same with 390 Wats.
  • Myriad-Groesll is the same, but it needs 150 Watts.
  • Skein algorithm gets only 5 GH/s, but also only requires 120 Watts of power.
  • Finally, X11Gost gets 1.35GH/s of hash rate, and takes 200 Watts of power.
  • The dimensions are 310mm x 115mm x 135mm.

When it comes to the specs of the actual device—not the algorithm—there are also several pieces of information listed on the product’s website. Operating off of a power-supply of ATX Power and an…

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