Baidu owned iQiyi wants to boost performance with blockchain

  • iQiyi, one of the largest video platforms in the world, revealed plans to start using blockchain technology.
  • The move will allow the company to significantly improve streaming speeds and boost user experience.
  • The firm has partnered up with a blockchain project New Kind of Network (NKN) for this purpose.

Baidu-owned iQiyi, one of the world’s largest video streaming platforms, announced that it would improve its performance with blockchain. The company wishes to boost its user experience through collaboration with a public blockchain.

How will the partnership improve iQiyi UI?

The new deal will include the combination of iQiyi’s platform and the P2P infrastructure of New Kind of Network (NKN). The two firms hope that the partnership will result in the boost of buffering speeds, and reduced energy consumption.

Also, network congestion will likely see a significant improvement, according to NKN’s statement. Its co-founder, Zheng Li, stated that “NKN’s main focus is networking infrastructure, in order to enable sharing of bandwidth and Internet connectivity.

He further explained that edge computing is critical for video and game streaming, high-speed autonomous driving, and more. Edge computing can improve response time, save bandwidth, and more, due to distributed systems. That way, data storages will be everywhere, and always close to the ‘site of demand.’

They already held a trial two weeks ago, on April 1st. The trial showed a major increase when it comes to caching savings, which is a form of short-term computer memory. It works by storing information that is later retrieved as per need, which improves the speeds.

About the two firms

The move will bring a major change to iQiyi, which now has around 500 million users, after 10 years since launch. The platform records around six billion hours of watch time per month. Similarly to YouTube, the platform uses its own CDN (Content Delivery Network) software. It uses it to deploy and manage…

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