Backed by Mate Tokay, DeChart’s Token Sale to Aggregate DEX Trading Is Live Until Tuesday 11th – Press release Bitcoin News

PRESS RELEASE. DeChart’s DCH token sale is now live on UniCrypt , giving control back to traders and fantastic staking opportunities.

London, United Kingdom – One of the most important aspects of trading is historical trading data. It is vital for informing all trading decisions, suggesting the future of an asset’s trade pattern, and assessing an asset’s value. Despite the top decentralized exchanges (DEXs) such as Uniswap and PancakeSwap amassing huge volumes in trades, solutions for consumers-accessible trading data either lack protocol support or are simply non-existent.

Many third-party tools positioned as aggregate trading data solutions are disorganized and present scattered, immutable data sets. DEXs were not created to carry out complex financial analyses and as such, there is a clear potential gap in the DEX trading market. That is where DeChart comes in.

DeChart: The Future of DEX Data Aggregation

Providing the leading advanced data solution for users seeking trading resources, DeChart amalgamates the data from DEXs into an organized, manageable, and user-friendly solution. DeChart’s vision is a simple, yet bewilderingly trialing task set to facilitate a transparent global digital marketplace that is impervious to the information asymmetry dividing participants today.

Aggregating trading data into an organized, unbounded, free, and measurable layout that participants can trust is key to breaking down the exchange barriers that exist. By providing products and services that are free to the public while prioritizing security, privacy, and portability, DeChart has the potential to revolutionize the norms of global digital markets. As the markets grow in size (and data), so too will DeChart grow with them; extending to and capturing the financial potential of global markets.

DeChart has already released V1 of its trading platform; featuring a dashboard that users can efficiently use to…

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