Axie Infinity Goes Against The Trend, How It Hit New ATH

Investors have been jumping into Axie Infinity (AXS) in a rush to leverage future upside. This ERC-20 token and its protocol could be the beginning of a new mania in the crypto space and a game-changer for the videogame industry.

Inspired by the popular game Pokemon, Axie Infinity allows players to explore in an open-world game to breed, capture, train, and battle with pet creatures known as Axies. On the platform, Axies are tokenized in the form of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) that can also be traded on a marketplace.

The platform rewards players for breeding new creatures, during battles, and can obtain resources to implement improvements on their Axies. Rewards can be obtained with AXS, these tokens can be stake, or use to participate in the protocol’s governance model.

A major shift from other games is that players can take out their in-game assets by turning them into ETH. This is one of the reasons why the platform has been gaining traction amongst players and investors.

In order to participate, a new player must own around 3 Axies. This is the only way to gain access into Axie Infinity’s open world. Thus, players must spend ETH to mint their creatures. High fees and congestion on the Ethereum blockchain could certainly affect a player’s experience.

Axie Infinity, The Future Of Gaming On Ethereum?

Before acquiring Axies, players must deposit ETH into Ronin wallet. These funds will allow them to purchase their creatures on the Axie market. Later, using MetaMask, players can download the game and begin their adventure.

Website Startups Zone highlights 4 important pros to the game that have also contributed to its popularity. First, it has an “in-depth automated battle gameplay”, it has “many” activities for players, to breed Axie players can use different body types and genes making an “entertained process”.

Finally, the land and the creatures themselves have real-life investments values. Unlike other games, a player’s effort can be…

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