Auto Crypto Trading Bot Promises Fake Gains

With the crypto market witnessing a resurgence of sorts this year, a number of people are once again beginning to invest their hard-earned money in digital currencies. For example, after having stooped to a relative low of less than $4,000 last year, the price of Bitcoin is currently hovering around the $9,000 mark. Not only that, a number of other premier cryptos like ETH, BCH, XRP have also been surging in recent months.

However, much like the ICO boom of 2017 — a time when BTC scaled up to a massive price point of $20,000 — the market is once again witnessing the influx of a number of different scams and shady projects.

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What is Bitcoin Optimizer?

As per the official product website, Bitcoin Optimizer is an automated software that has been designed to scan through a host of global crypto markets so as to source out the most lucrative trade opportunities for its users. The creators of the platform claim to have made use of various advanced algorithms to create their system, however, they have failed to provide any hard facts to back up their outlandish claims.

Additionally, there is absolutely no information available in regard to the core team behind this platform. This is usually a sure shot sign that the project is a scam.

Some shady aspects of Bitcoin Optimizer

(i) Unrealistic Profit Projections: The folks over at Bitcoin Optimizer claim that by making use of their novel trading platform, users will be able to rake in daily profits in excess of $13,000. This number is not backed by any hard data and is practically impossible to achieve. Also, such claims are usually put forth by projects that are designed to serve as quick cash grab schemes.

(ii) False Testimonials: All of the testimonials that are available on the official company website make use of photos that have been obtained from — an online media repository comprising of thousands of photos, videos, and GIFs.


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