Australian CEO talks about why most older women don’t invest in crypto – and why they should

Jennie Hill, CEO of Australian training company Motorvation, talks about the dearth of women traders in the crypto space – particularly older women – and how the market would benefit from their increased participation.

I’ve written a number of times (including here and here) about my journey to cryptocurrency trading.

As described, I started when Bitcoin was booming, quickly got burned as nearly everyone did, and finally found a way of trading that was largely risk-free and hugely rewarding.

However, in taking steps to get involved, I forgot about the crushing (and largely unconscious) influence of two related issues that have held me back the most in getting the most out of investing: age, and gender.

And even though I’ve written about these double disadvantages before – and have encouraged other women to overcome the negatives associated with both – I’m embarrassed to say I didn’t take my own advice.

My biggest stumbling block...was me!

My biggest stumbling block…was me!

It’s painful to admit, but I let my own self-doubts hinder me. And now that I realise this, I really regret it.

Let me explain.

As I set out in the last piece linked above, I was thrilled when I found the trading methods outlined by Craig Cobb, who runs a brilliant company called Trader Cobb.

When I first spoke to Craig, he was enthusiastic about women as traders. Since I’d found this attitude rare, Craig and I had several conversations and I was pleased I was able to showcase his ideas to the many women I engage with online.

Craig also invited me to participate in his online discussion forums, but here, I hung back.

They were – as all crypto spaces are – dominated by men, and I found them somewhat intimidating.

Nobody deliberately made me feel unwelcome, but when it came to the crunch, I was unable to overcome the memories of disparaging treatment I’d received in other crypto spaces, which meant I failed to get actively involved.

Despite those hesitations, I completed Craig’s courses and placed a…

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