Attention Miners!

Here is pretty simple idea, but one I think is super useful:

Bitmain / whatever miner creates a SLP token.

1 token equals 1 PH/s.

The miner publicly states the hosting fee. Let’s say $100 per day per PH for this example.

Currently 1 PH can mine ~ $150 worth of BCH per day.

After the $100 hosting fee, that leaves $50 in profit.

At the end of each day, the miner pays the $50 in BCH on chain as dividends to the mining token holders using the dividend payment tool.

This allows the tokens to act like anonymous bearer shares that can be traded world wide P2P, but still be able to collect their earnings each day.

The miner can sell the tokens at whatever price and receive capital returns on their mining hardware right away while offloading the future price risks to the customers.

The Exchange and I’m sure many others would be happy to list this token as well.

This Youtube Video is a guide for how simple it is to pay out the dividends.

I'd love to hear what you think of this idea to spread more BCH usage.

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