AscendEX Lists Radix – a DeFi Protocol With Developer Incentives – Press release Bitcoin News

PRESS RELEASE. AscendEX (formerly BitMax), a global cryptocurrency financial platform with a comprehensive product suite, is thrilled to announce the listing of the Radix tokens (EXRD and XRD) under the pairs USDT/XRD and USDT/EXRD on June 29 at 1 p.m. UTC.

Radix intends to remove the technology barriers limiting the expansion of DeFi by building a layer-1 protocol that directly addresses the technology needs of DeFi, both for today’s applications and the future of general financial services worldwide. The platform leverages a full-stack approach, re-engineering consensus, distributed virtual machines, executable on-ledger code, DeFi component building, DeFi application building, and developer incentives.

Radix is the first layer 1 protocol specifically built to serve the DeFi ecosystem. Radix aims to significantly improve the developer experience by reducing DeFi hacks, bugs, and exploits by restricting output states using an FSM runtime environment instead of Turing complete. It offers an on-ledger component catalog where developers can easily chain together DeFi “money legos” to create dApps. Radix features an on-ledger incentivization scheme whereby components generate royalties for developers based on usage.

Its goal is to make access to DeFi projects mainstream and as frictionless as possible by not being limited by scale – Radix scales linearly and indefinitely by adding more nodes. In addition, Radix aims to maintain atomic composability – transactions, when needed, settlement atomically across the global ledger. This is a vital feature for any DeFi ecosystem because key DeFi features, such as flash loans are impossible without it.

Some major upcoming milestones for Radix include its mainnet launch in July 2021, which will demonstrate the core foundation of the project. Additionally, Radix will launch radix engine V2 in December 2021, which will then enable developers to build safely on…

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