As Coronavirus Threats Intensify, Crypto Community Takes Unique Approaches

By Landon Manning

As the threat of COVID-19, better known as coronavirus, has been soliciting reactions from institutions of government, media and finance, the cryptocurrency community has offered a number of novel insights and practical approaches.

The Coinbase Approach to Quarantine

Tech-centric companies attached to a wide variety of industries and with operations that depend on China, where the outbreak of COVID-19 originated, have been particularly affected by the issue, and many large conglomerates have adopted a uniform policy on disease response strategies. Several major firms, such as Apple, Google and Amazon, have been instructing employees to work from home as a way to enforce the strict quarantine policy that health authorities recommend.

Meanwhile, leading cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has formally codified a multistage disease response plan into company policy, basing its system on how employees and company offices as a whole will act when certain possibilities occur, such as a rise in coronavirus cases within the vicinity of Coinbase offices. In addition to this system of having employees avoid contact with the public, Coinbase’s plan includes a threat assessment system that works on a case-by-case basis.

The most prominent potential infection location for Coinbase employees is in Japan, which the company rates as a “Stage 1” area — more of an active threat than in places like the United States, but much less so than mainland China. Developing plans like this in a low-stress environment may prove critical for making sure that the cryptocurrency industry’s most foundational businesses…

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