As Blockchain Enters Mainstream Number Of Crypto Job Listings Soar

As demand for Blockchain technology continues to rise, cryptocurrencies – and Blockchain technology in general – have evolved into stable markets that hold the potential for massive growth.

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While the cryptocurrency total market capitalization, according to CoinMarketCap, hit $382 billion this June, Gartner predicts the global business value-add of Blockchain to reach $176 billion by 2025. The market forecast further predicts an astronomical rise in the industry value, amassing a cool $2.8 trillion in the years leading up to 2030.

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Blockchain can no longer be considered a novelty; some of the world’s biggest organizations are already vying for skilled employees and a greater market share. Microsoft and Accenture are increasing their Blockchain infrastructure and multibillion-dollar corporations like IBM rank high in the list for the top Blockchain employers.

Venture capitalists are also aboard the Blockchain bandwagon, pumping record amounts of investment into the industry. 2018 was the biggest year for Blockchain, amassing $5.1 billion worth of conventional investment in 2018.

2019 promises to be another year of sustained growth, with only conventional investment figures hitting the $327 million during the first quarter only. Promising, right?

So, is Blockchain actually growing? What do industry insights suggest? What is the investment potential, particularly after the coin-price craze that ensued in 2018?

TeqAtlas, a Market Intelligence Platform focused on emerging technologies, has analyzed data on 2.9k current vacancies, 807 disclosed salaries, 1.6k investors and 2.5k funding rounds to provide the answers to these questions.

Increased Number Of Job Openings

As industries and…

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