Are Bitcoiners A**holes? – Bitcoin Magazine

We’ve been dubbed “Toxic Bitcoin Maximalists” as an attempted insult. We don’t flinch, we wear it as a badge of honor. We make no apologies for our matter-of-factness, our confidence or our meme warfare. You can find us on Twitter, responding to weak arguments against bitcoin (they are all weak) with “Have Fun Staying Poor” rather than attempting to persuade the unserious opponent or lazy critic. Michael Saylor aptly refers to bitcoiners as “Cyber Hornets,” not just because hornets have stingers, but presumably because hornets serve a greater purpose that sustains the broader ecosystem.

The thing is, Bitcoiners are right. Which necessarily means every other economic philosophy is wrong. The end. Gold ain’t it. Fiat is basically toilet paper. Altcoins? Lol.

No, Bitcoin is the solution.

Our conviction in Bitcoin’s inevitability is a naturally-emergent phenomenon that exists as a feature to kill the bugs. This isn’t to suggest that an absence of our hilarious memes would weaken the network. But, just like hornets who serve to prevent the harmful spread of pervasive insect populations, our proactive aggression is literally protecting the future of humanity by preserving our one shot at the promise of liberation from tyranny. A passive or defensive posture simply will not do.

By protecting the network in its early stages, we’re continually paving the way for bitcoin’s ascent and its inevitable dominance as the global currency. This service to the world community is underappreciated and vastly misunderstood. That’s okay! Our vigilance is our evangelism. In a world of subjective truth, our conviction is our marketing. In a culture inundated with hopelessness, our genuine optimism provides unexpected encouragement to those starving for authenticity.

The world we inhabit has become a cesspool of lies and violence. Very little good remains present under the sun. Every institution has become corrupted….

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