is fundraising & accepts BCH. In the past, they have received more BCH than BTC. Should we ensure that happens again this year? : btc

I’m referring to their yearly fundraising efforts.

I use a lot and I’ve seen its wayback feature used on this sub a lot also. Its webpage snapshots help to show the changing narratives of certain groups and to capture ridiculous things posted by enemies of BCH before they can erase the evidence.

I noticed that they accept BCH directly by providing an address to send to and, other than putting it right below the BTC donation address, they don’t unnecessarily denigrate BCH as some pages that request donations have done, intentionaly or not.

If you feel that they are a worthy recipient, I’d encourage you to send BCH to them. The nice thing is we can even send tiny amounts due to the more efficient nature of BCH and its more originalist architecture.

Since they use a direct address for both currencies, we can verify which currency sent the most donations (and likely how much was wasted from fees) and hopefully give them a reason to put BCH at the top of the list next year!

The claim that has received more BCH than BTC in the past comes from searching this subreddit to see if anyone has posted this info yet this year.

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