Antonio Brown’s Apology Isn’t Enough to Guarantee an NFL Return

  • Former NFL star Antonio Brown offered a rare apology to the New England Patriots.
  • Robert Kraft is unlikely to backtrack and sign Antonio Brown, even though they need him.
  • It will take more than a few tweets to change the extremely negative persona Brown has created for himself.

Antonio Brown is many things, but predictable is not one of them. After seemingly giving up any hopes of playing in the NFL again, Brown just did something unprecedented. He apologized to Robert Kraft and the New England Patriots.

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Don’t Look Now But Antonio Brown Just Apologized

After months of hard-headed denials and claims that everyone but himself was to blame for slandering his reputation, Brown’s U-turn is surprising at the very least.

Admissions of any guilt have been extremely rare, making the former wide receiver’s repentance to Kraft and his Patriots so unexpected. It was just a few days ago that Brown said “F**k the NFL” and appeared to be done with the league.

After meeting with the NFL for 8 hours last week, a recent video posted by Antonio Brown suggested that if he took on some guilt for his actions, he might receive a lesser sentence. If this is true, could Brown’s most recent tweet be the first act in a carefully coordinated charm offensive?

If so, it is long overdue after weeks of self-inflicted damage to his reputation, which had already been severely wounded by multiple sexual assault allegations.

Tom Brady Hasn’t Given up Hope of AB’s Return

From a tactical point of view, Antonio Brown’s apology to Robert Kraft comes at a very opportune time. The New England Patriots have looked uncharacteristically impotent over the last couple of games, with their much-vaunted defense creaking as Tom Brady’s offense fails to click.

A loss to the Baltimore Ravens showed the rest of the NFL the Pats could lose, while a miserable offensive performance against a fragile Philadelphia Eagles secondary has solidified that belief.

Antonio Brown shocked…

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