Antonio Brown Tries to Wiggle His Way Into Colin Kaepernick’s Workout

  • Colin Kaepernick will use volunteer NFL receivers for his league organized workout.
  • After a clear offer on Twitter, Antonio Brown’s presence is now a realistic, if unlikely, possibility.
  • Kaepernick needs to run as far away as he can from AB’s chaotic public persona.

Antonio Brown loves the idea that he and Colin Kaepernick are kindred spirits, both deeply wronged by a vindictive NFL. However, as Kaepernick gets ready for what could be his final chance to make an NFL roster, the absolute last thing he needs is AB rolling into town.

But according to Brown’s Twitter feed, that’s precisely what he wants to do:

Source: Twitter

Look Out Colin Kaepernick, Antonio Brown Wants to Help You

While it seemed deeply unlikely that Antonio Brown’s baby tweet had any meaning, ESPN’s Adam Schefter later reported that Colin Kaepernick would be taking wide receivers who volunteered to help him out. There is now a danger that Brown might wiggle his way into this mix.

After enduring an eight-hour meeting with the NFL this week, Brown is optimistic about how things went. Facing multiple accusations of sexual misconduct, and still carrying baggage from plenty of ill-advised antics in recent weeks, the unemployed wide receiver has been his usual unrepentant self.

Continuing his cavalier attitude to public perception, the former Steelers star published a picture of himself appearing to kick a Cleveland Browns player in reference to yesterday’s wild fight between Pittsburgh’s Mason Rudolph and the Browns’ Myles Garrett.

Source: Twitter

For all these reasons (and probably more), Colin Kaepernick needs to make sure that Antonio Brown doesn’t hi-jack his workout to showcase his talents, and try and score political points by eliciting comparisons between them.

Brown Wants to Elicit Kaepernick Comparisons

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