Antier Solutions Expands Its Offerings With Crypto Friendly Banking Solutions Development

PRESS RELEASE. Antier Solutions, a blockchain development company headquartered in Mohali, India – with two global units in North America and the UK – has expanded its services to offer crypto-friendly bank development solutions targeting start-ups, banks, and financial institutions seeking opportunities to launch their crypto-friendly banks.

“The finance industry is evolving; financial institutions and customers are realizing the transformative power of blockchain and cryptocurrency in making financial services more transparent, secure, cost-efficient, and accessible to everyone. Our belief in being a part of the change rather than watching it happen encouraged us to build blockchain-driven banking software that can be harnessed to offer better banking services to people globally.”, said Vikram R. Singh, the Managing Director of Antier Solutions.

The company offers its banking software as a white-label solution that is packed with all essential banking functions – from IBAN accounts, contactless credit/debit cards, and payments to trading, lending, and user onboarding. Start-ups, well-established organizations, or financial institutions that wish to set up their digital asset bank can leverage this white label solution to quickly launch their banks and offer better crypto friendly baking solutions to their customers.

The USP of the white label banking software offered by Antier Solutions is its seamless support to fiat and cryptocurrencies. In addition, the integration of TextBit into the banking platform enables direct transfer of cryptocurrencies between users via SMS, without the need to pay any mining fee or remember long wallet addresses.

Being well-aware of the fact that catering to mobile users is paramount for today’s businesses, Antier Solutions has made its white-label banking software compatible for both web and mobile platforms – to enable seamless management and spending of fiat and cryptocurrencies even…

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