Ant Financial Opens Consortium Blockchain Platform to SMEs and Developers | Business

HANGZHOU, China–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Apr 16, 2020–

Ant Financial today announced the launch of OpenChain, a blockchain platform that enables small and micro enterprises (SMEs) and developers to tap into Ant Financial’s proprietary consortium of blockchain technologies and deploy blockchain-powered smart contracts and decentralized apps (DApps) with higher efficiency and lower cost.

“Applications of blockchain technology have ballooned over the past few years,” said Jin Ge, General Manager of Blockchain Platforms at Ant Financial. “Through the launch of the OpenChain platform, we aim to help one million SMEs and developers innovate and explore more use cases in the next three years.”

Ant Financial’s OpenChain provides developers with dozens of readily available modules that can be used in various combinations to build trust in multi-party collaborations, including in areas such as supply chain finance, product provenance, digital invoices and charitable donations. This helps to greatly reduce development and deployment costs for SMEs and developers, allowing them to focus on product and service delivery.

OpenChain features industry-leading blockchain technologies developed by Ant Financial to build trust in commercial and transactional use cases, the success of which typically depends on multi-party collaboration. These use cases require not only a trust mechanism among all parties, but also high-performance consensus algorithms that can complete authentication computation on the fly. Ant Financial’s OpenChain also uses trusted computing capabilities to enhance data security and protection for the apps running on its platform. A modular design makes it easy for SMEs and developers to start with a basic app and upgrade later as the business grows.

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