Another Questionable Cryptocurrency Auto Trader Launches

Many software programs available at the moment promise people to help them generate money from the comfort of their own home, but there are also many scammers out there, so it’s important to know more about a software before buying it. One example of such a program that are in fact scams, is Crypto Revolt. Just by promising to generate profits of at least $1,300 a day, Crypto Revolt is compromising its credibility. Such profits are incredibly hard to be obtained, even by people are experienced with trading. Big promises are a first sign that this investing software is in fact a scam.

Despite it being blatantly obvious how these automated cryptocurrency trading software platforms are setup to funnel in new users versus actually generating profitable income via robot-based trades, let’s review Crypto Revolt and see what the investment platform has to offer and whether or not earning bitcoin via an opportunity like this is even worth the risk.

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What is Crypto Revolt?

One of the most important questions out there is, why is there a $250 subscription after claiming the software is free?

Crypto Revolt guarantees that it runs a completely reliable and safe software that’s going to turn anyone into a millionaire. This is how it actually functions:

Opening an account: As soon as registered, the program tells new subscribers that they’re going to be able to claim the Bitcoin trader owner software without any charge.

Depositing money for trading: Since no investment can start without any capital to be traded, a message appears to say that the best way to earn money is by making an investment, which the bigger it is, the bigger the profits. With Crypto Revolt, the minimum deposit is $250, sum without which the software won’t work.

Supposedly making profits: It seems there are 2 ways in which Crypto Revolt works. One is the auto-trade option and the other is manual. At this moment, subscribers are…

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