Announcing Carrot, A Platform For Earning Sats – Bitcoin Magazine

Of its many potential applications, bitcoin as a medium for rewarding microtasks is one of its most exciting. This implementation takes advantage of the technology’s natively digital qualities, its relative freedom from borders and its high divisibility.

Now, with its public beta phase announced today, the sats-earning platform Carrot wants to realize this potential on a new scale.

Carrot is a platform designed for people to earn bitcoin rewards for supporting the projects and brands they love. Creators can list tasks that their supporters are likely undertaking anyway and offer BTC bounties for their completion, all seamlessly paid via the Lightning Network.

With this beta announcement, Carrot has opened up its waitlist for more creators to join the platform and post tasks. The Carrot team expects all sorts of creators, from podcasters to businesses to open-source projects, and everything in between, to use the platform to begin rewarding their audiences or communities for bringing value to their respective ecosystems.

It’s simultaneously a platform that gives these creators an efficient and effective way of rewarding their supporters directly, while also creating a critical new avenue for getting the world’s best form of money into the hands of more people worldwide.

“We believe that every person has something unique they can offer the world, and that there is an unlimited pool of potential — energy, value creation, social good — that is untapped today,” said Tyler Evans, CTO of Carrot, “Carrot is our small contribution toward creating an equality of opportunity worldwide. Our mission is to spread hyperbitcoinization by letting the next billion people earn their first bitcoin.”

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