Angry Fan Smashes PS4, SLAMS Sony’s Zelda ‘Clone’ Genshin Impact

Today at the Chinese gaming expo ChinaJoy, a devoted fan destroyed a PlayStation 4 in protest at what a cluster of onlookers saw as Sony’s promotion of shameless The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild ”clone” Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact’s announcement trailer released during E3 2019 last month sparked heated reactions that immediately identified it as a thinly-veiled copy of Breath of the Wild.

From the airy anime-inspired art style to the bright halo-like lighting effects by way of an uncannily similar cooking and dungeon mechanics, and even a towering castle dominating the horizon and map, it’s hard to argue that Breath of the Wild hasn’t inspired developer miHoYo.

See for yourself in the gameplay footage below.

A Furious Fan Displeased With Sony’s Involvement

During its press conference at ChinaJoy held in Shanghai on Thursday, Sony earmarked a segment to promote Genshin Impact’s arrival on PlayStation 4. The company is also involved in developing the port and is set to publish the title on its platform.

One fan felt the Japanese publisher had taken matters too far, and to voice his discontent, opted to obliterate a $250 console in front of the crowds gathered at this year’s edition of ChinaJoy – an event widely considered as China’s answer to E3.

Other than the theatrics on show as the fan removed his PlayStation 4 from a backpack and smashed it on the ground, reactions from onlookers were priceless. These ranged from disbelief to amusement with one pink…

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