Andrew Yang’s Plan to Regulate ‘Big Tech’ Is Tyranny

  • Andrew Yang’s plan to regulate big tech will end up backfiring, and trample the Constitution in the process.
  • As technology outpaces government’s understanding of it, policymakers are at a loss in trying to regulate it properly.
  • Yang’s proposal to create more government, not to mention a new department, completely ignores the $22 trillion deficit hanging over Americans.

This week Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang unveiled his plan to regulate Big Tech, and it’s an absolute Soviet nightmare. Yang’s policy proposal, “Regulating Technology Firms in the 21st Century,” is a shamelessly tyrannical, completely un-American screed of central planning despotism.

The thing refutes its own entire premise in the very second sentence:

The advancement of technology in America has driven the advancement of humanity nationally and globally. But technology has also outpaced our government’s understanding of it, and regulations are falling short of protecting us from Big Tech companies that are prioritizing profits over our well-being.

Exactly. Technology has outpaced our government’s understanding of it. How can our government regulate something that it doesn’t understand? Big tech companies are big because people voluntarily gave them their money, information, and attention. We did that because these companies provided us with so much value, even more value than they were able to capture a profits for themselves.

Image via: @anpmstar

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