Analyst Who Predicted Bitcoin’s 2018 Bottom Thinks $12k Is Imminent

Bitcoin has faced a rather strong correction after its explosion to the $11,500 highs. At the recent lows, the asset traded as low as $10,600 — around 8% below the local highs.

Despite the retracement and the fact that BTC remains below $11,000, analysts remain bullish on Bitcoin. One historically accurate trader, for instance, just said that he thinks BTC could soon move higher to $12,000.

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Analyst Expects $12,000 As Bitcoin Coils Above Crucial Support

Bitcoin may be failing to hold above $11,000 but the asset is still snug above the pivotal $10,500 horizontal.

According to a cryptocurrency trader, since BTC is holding above $10,500, it is preparing to undergo its next leg higher. Referencing the chart below, which was published on July 28th, the trader said:

“$btc consolidating above a pretty key breakout level. price contracting, volume declining, seems bullish, continuation soon.”


Chart of BTC's recent price action by trader SmartContracter (Twitter handle). Chart from

This is the same trader that predicted six months in advance that Bitcoin would bottom 2018’s bear market at $3,200. He made this prediction when the asset was trading around $7,000 — when few expected such a move to the $3,000s.

The aforementioned sentiment was echoed by a swath of other analysts, who argued that it would be unwise to “fade this rally.” As one trader noted, fading Bitcoin’s first break of macro resistance in a year after two days of rallying makes no sense.

Bitcoin’s bullish outlook has been corroborated by fundamental trends.

Mike Novogratz, the chief executive of Galaxy Digital and a former Goldman Sachs partner, made this comment on Tuesday: 

“A lot of that retail interest shifted to the story stocks, to the tech stocks, because they were just more fun … Yesterday you saw a lot of money shift back over…

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