Analyst: this simple Ethereum structure point towards a quick recovery to $200

The Ethereum price increased by 16 percent on the day against the U.S. dollar. Prior to the rally, analysts anticipated ETH to see a rapid recovery to $200 in the near-term.

Josh Olszewicz, cryptocurrency technical analyst, was one of the few who observed an ascending triangle forming at larger time frames of the Ethereum chart.

With $200 being a heavy level of resistance and a liquidity pool for traders, the Ethereum price could retest the $200 area in the short-term.

Ethereum price sees a 16% rally (Source: TradingView)

Ethereum depends on Bitcoin, and both look optimistic

The swift recovery of the Bitcoin price from $6,700 to above $7,000 triggered Ethereum and several other alternative cryptocurrencies to see a strong upsurge.

Ethereum was largely oversold since the capitulation-esque drop to $80s, underperforming against BTC throughout March.

Analyst: Ethereum is now “Bitcoin’s backbone” and big money is taking notice
Related: Analyst: Ethereum is now “Bitcoin’s backbone” and big money is taking notice

The oversold nature of ETH led every rally it saw in the past week to be larger than Bitcoin and other large market cap cryptocurrencies.

In the near-term, two key resistance levels exist for Bitcoin at $7,700 and $8,500. One trader said that a rebound to $7,700 is seemingly the next logical move. But, the trader noted that the price action is moving faster than anticipated, which may leave it vulnerable to abrupt pullbacks.

The trader said:

“Now cleared all previous highs since breaking down, showing good signs of strength, next resistance level for PA will around $7700 region which is where we broke down. Daily close above $7000 would be significant, still thinking that this PA is too good to be true.”

The cryptocurrency market is yet to see a noticeable increase in volume to follow up the recent uptrend of Bitcoin and Ethereum.

One possible counterargument against the stagnant volume is that since the Bitcoin price dropped to $3,600 on March 12, most of the volume shifted from the futures market to spot.

The rally of Bitcoin since…

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