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While the decentralized finance (DeFi) space is not new, it has experienced massive growth to surpass $37 billion. Consequently, the sector attracted a lot of attention, which, in turn, led to the unearthing of multiple deficiencies that the industry has. As a result, many projects have been continuously cropping up to address these issues. While the projects are working at a record pace to tackle these challenges, the industry still has a lot of upgrading to do.

Enhance the DeFi Experience

Chipping in to help solve one of DeFi’s insufficiencies is CyberFi, a startup that seeks to offer intelligent trading and enhanced automation to make DeFi user-friendly. The project is a new-gen intelligent trading and automation platform (ITAP). It is described as a multi-product ecosystem that comprises automation products, seeking to enhance the DeFi experience.

CyberFi is the first platform of its kind that aims to fill a gap in DeFi trading by addressing a variety of issues, including high fees, specific onboarding barriers, divergence, and poor user experiences.

It works by combining a decentralized trading platform, an intelligent automation system for complex DeFi strategies, and a cross-chain layer for supporting DeFi automation. By blending these features, the platform eliminates manual processes in DeFi applications, which lead to gas wars, overpaying fees, stress and frustration, and the constant need to be on Uniswap.

Benefits of Using CyberFi

By using CyberFi, traders will get the functionality of centralized exchanges on decentralized exchanges (DEXes) and liquidity pools. For instance, the platform offers automatic order execution based on price divergence indicators (PDI) and best trade value (BTV). While trading on liquidity pool-based DEXes demands manual interaction for a trader to enter or exit a position, CyberFi’s price divergence indicators, which are available through oracles, allow traders to…

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