An extremely abusive individual in the community : btc


“I apologize in advanced. I’m going to be rude, I really do not see any way around it (and because I am just so fucking tired of these “Hi r/btc I’m a fucking dumb ass and did not do my due diligence, please make me feel better by telling me I’m not a stupid fuck.” posts like yours.)

How did you lose anything?

(I sent BCH to a BTC address.)

Ya… this is what I am not understanding. (I’m about to be really rude, sorry). You obviously have the ability to read, so how did make this mistake? Did you forget that Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash are not the same token?

(The BTC and BCH Legacy address looks the same – sending BCH to a BTC address is technically possible.)

BCH Legacy addresses ARE BCH addresses. The CashAddr is just a different format so (sorry) stupid people can “feel” safer when they see a different address format. Notice I mentioned “feel safer”. I used that term because it’s only a feeling, you’re not really any safer.

You effectively sent fiat to the wrong mailing address because you did not perform due diligence.

Sorry you lost your tokens, maybe this will teach you to pay attention?”



And this is just the start of this individuals abusive behavior. If you go through his account, you’ll immediately see lots of trolling and harassment of other redditors.

He constantly fights with other people in BCH too:

He also calls people “moron” and “scumbag”:

And he harasses redditors until they delete their accounts:

It really seems like he tries to hide his abusive edge and make it sound politically correct, but it’s clear that the way he talks to people is condescending and alienating.

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