An Easy Way to Accept Cryptocurrency Payments

As virtual coins are becoming more and more popular, a lot of token holders are looking for ways to spend their cryptos on day-to-day needs, and stores are also working to expand their payment methods. Given the increasing demand, NOWPayments is working to provide a convenient payment service that accepts cryptocurrencies throughout the globe.

Who is NOWPayments?

Since 2019, NOWPayments has been operated by ChangeNOW, an instant crypto exchange with a close relationship with Binance, Ledger, and Atomic Wallet. Its mission is to provide a crypto payment gateway for merchants and customers.

By offering a bunch of solutions, such as invoices and payment solutions that are connected through an API and a wide selection of plugins like WooCommerce, NOWPayments is capable of forming a bridge that attaches and satisfies the needs of all the parties involved in a commercial transaction.

NOWPayment Features
NOWPayment Features

In the future, the platform promises to continuously work and upgrade the features for its growing number of users.

Inclusive Services

NOWPayments provides different programs so that users can participate in whatever way is best for them. It is easy to buy things using cryptos with the platform, and also to accept cryptos as a means of payment.

For Merchants

Merchants can integrate their channels with NOWPayments’s system, and after that, the platform will process crypto payments from customers and transfer those tokens to the store. There are a variety of options for merchants when connecting through NOWPayments’s ecosystem.

API integration is essential for accepting crypto transactions, and it is a necessary step in the process.

Once merchants have signed up on NOWPayments, they can select their outcome wallet and proceed with a new API key. Later on, whenever customers pay with supported coins, their payments will be automatically converted into the predefined crypto in merchants’ accounts.

Merchants Tools
Merchants Tools

NOWPayments offers a stunning Instant Notifications feature to…

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