Amnesia Ibiza to Open Nightclub in Ethereum Metaverse

Key Takeaways

  • Decentral Games and Amnesia Ibiza are partnering to launch a virtual nightclub.
  • The club will feature three rooms. One space will show real-time events and another will be dedicated to live streams.
  • Amnesia Ibiza is one of Ibiza’s most popular superclubs. It’s been a staple of the global electronic music scene for more than 40 years.

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Amnesia Ibiza will be the first real-world club to launch in Ethereum’s metaverse. 

Amnesia Ibiza Launching on Ethereum 

The world-famous club has Amnesia Ibiza partnered with Decentral Games to open a virtual space on the Ethereum blockchain.

Set to launch in June, the club’s virtual offering will feature three rooms. They include Amnesia Experience, which will recreate Amnesia events in real-time, and Amnesia Hype will be a live stream space. The third room will be announced this summer.

Decentral Games is an Ethereum-based virtual world that forms part of what’s become known as “the metaverse.”

It allows users to explore virtual parcels of land, which take the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Examples of virtual spaces in Decentral Games include digital art galleries and casinos. Decentral Games has its own NFT store and auction house where users can also add to their personal NFT collections. While it’s built on Ethereum, it recently added support for Polygon, one of the network’s leading scaling solutions. 

Miles Anthony, Decentral Games founder and CEO, explained that the partnership could boost Decentral Games and Amnesia’s profiles. He said: 

“Bringing such an established name from the entertainment industry onto the metaverse is very exciting for us. This partnership is a move that is bound to breathe new air to both parties, which is expected to not just add value to user experience but also to overall market worth.”

According to marketing materials seen by Crypto Briefing, the partnership will generate “at least $10 million” of revenue in the first…

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