AMD reveals Radeon Pro VII graphics card boasting 7nm architecture

AMD officially unveils its newest member of its graphics card family, the Radeon Pro VII. It is the first to use 7nm architecture.

AMD plans to release the new graphics card in the high-end gaming market. The chip maker is also peddling the card towards the professional market. Once it hits the market, the Radeon Pro VII will most likely attract video editors and other graphic intensive workload.

Radeon Pro VII specs

The Radeon Pro VII uses the Vega 20 chip. The chip first came into prominence in 2018, so it is a little bit old. Nevertheless, professionals and tech experts alike still like this graphics card.

With the exception of the Pro Vega, Radeon Pro VII is the first graphics card in the Pro family to use AMD’s 7nm architecture. It is important to note that the Pro Vega graphics card is exclusive only to the Apple Mac Pro.

This means that the Radeon Pro VII, with the 7nm architecture, will bring AMD’s new technology to a bigger market. Under the hood, the Radeon Pro VII supports up to 16TB of HBM2 memory. It has a massive memory bandwidth of up to 1TB.

In terms of performance, the graphics card is capable of churning out up to 13.1 TFLOP of single threaded calculation. The card also supports PCIe 4.0 right out of the box.

AMD claims that the new Pro card is capable of running up to six 8K and full HDR displays. In terms of image processing, it is 26% better in 8K DaVinci Resolve test. The company adds that it is 5.6 times better in terms of performance-per-dollar than current competitors.

Fancy new technology

The Radeon Pro VII supports AMD’s new Infinity Fabric Link technology. This new tech allows graphics cards to communicate with each other at a much faster speed. This technology is readily available to the Pro Vega…

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