AMD Radeon RX 5600 series appears on EEC certification database

AMD’s RX 5600 series could be coming soon to fill the gap between the company’s RX 5700 series and the RX 5500 series GPUs. Multiple variants of the potential new Radeon RX 5600 graphics processor were filed yesterday in the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) registry by ASRock and ASUS.

A bizarre thing noteworthy from these entries is the presence of both 8GB and 6GB VRAM on the RX 5600 variants. While the ASRock ones seem to be all equipped with 6GB memory, the ASUS versions seem to have 2GB extra. This is baffling since it is not possible for a graphics chip to simultaneously carry two asymmetrical memory configurations as the 8GB VRAM will require a higher memory bus width to accommodate the additional 2GB memory. Nonetheless, it is also possible that ASUS models have a different chip compared to the ASRock ones, but chances of that are slim.

What seems more likely, however, is that the ASUS models are mislabeled since a 192-bit wide memory bus makes the most sense for the RX 5600 series as it should slot between the 5700 series (256-bit bus) and the 5500 series (128-bit bus).

Source: EEC (1), (2)

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