AMD Motherboard Chipset Driver v2.04.28.626

AMD today issues a fresh batch of drivers for their range of motherboard chipsets. This release has some new installer notifications (should anything go belly up), a GPIO driver issue was fixed as well as some other changes. You can grab the driver from our download page.


Windows 10 May 2020 Update Is Now Live To Download – 05/27/2020 09:50 PM
MSI is pleased to announce that they are starting to make the May 2020 Update available. In a blog, they will cover how you can get the update and choose when to install, and availability for commerci…

Download: Radeon Adrenalin Edition 20.5.1 drivers – 05/27/2020 09:48 PM

Download the all-new Radeon Software Adrenalin 2020 Edition 20.4.1. This release supports the Windows 10 May 2020 update and also contains improvements in stability with fixes for end user issues. Dow…

Download: GeForce 446.14 WHQL driver – 05/27/2020 03:08 PM

NVIDIA just released GeForce 446.14 WHQL drivers. This release offers performance optimizations and bug fixes for the video game Valorant as well as Minecraft Dungeons, Disintegration, and Crucible….

Download: Display Driver Uninstaller (DDU) v18.0.2.5 – 05/18/2020 08:57 AM

Download Display Driver Uninstaller DDU revision v18.0.2.4 This application is a driver removal utility that can help you completely uninstall AMD/NVIDIA graphics card drivers and packages from your …

Download: Intel HD graphics Driver v27.20.100.8236 – 05/13/2020 03:00 PM

Intel released their HD graphics Driver v27.20.100.8187. The new build is the Windows 10 May 2020 Update Ready but also fixes some issues with several games like Halo 2: Anniversary and Minecraft D…

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