AMD best-buds, TSMC, designed an ‘enhanced’ 5nm node for its future Ryzen chips

AMD’s chip manufacturing partner, TSMC, has reportedly created an ‘enhanced’ version of its 5nm node specifically for its next-generation products. Well, its next next-generation products anyways. The red team’s 5nm processors and graphics cards are still a little way off, with only the AMD Zen 4 CPUs currently pegged for the teeny-tiny production lithography.

In a news story from Chainnews (via @chiakokhua), ostensibly about the cut in 5nm and 7nm production orders from Huawei, the piece also notes that TSMC isn’t worried about this drop because Apple has taken up the slack. It’s asking for a whole bunch of extra chip wafers, potentially competing with AMD for 5nm demand at the end of this year.

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