AMD 2nd Gen rDNA Based Radeon RX Navi GPUs Arrive at CES 2020

AMD’s next-generation rDNA powered Navi GPUs for the Radeon RX lineup will apparently make the first appearance at CES 2020. This along with a couple of other rumors surrounding AMD’s Radeon and Threadripper product lineups have been revealed by Chiphell leaker, Wjm47196.

AMD To Intro 2nd Generation rDNA Based Radeon RX Navi GPUs at CES 2020 – Ray Tracing Support & More Onboard

The rumor comes from the Chiphell user who has previously been super accurate with his leaks such as Polaris 30 (Radeon RX 590) launching in Q4 2018, Radeon VII in Q1 2019 and 7nm Navi mainstream cards arriving before the high-end enthusiast-grade variants in 2019. With a good track record to begin, let’s see what’s the latest info that the leaker has for us.

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According to him, AMD’s plans for their 2nd Generation rDNA based Radeon RX Navi GPU lineup is to offer a product preview at CES 2020. That would be interesting and makes sense since CES 2020 will be a huge event for AMD to unveil their 2020 product portfolio which includes Zen 3 and 2nd Gen rDNA based products for mainstream, enthusiast, notebook and server markets. It is already confirmed that the rDNA 2 GPU architecture is in-design and scheduled for launch in 2020. Some of the features to expect from 2nd Generation rDNA Navi GPUs would be:

  • Optimized 7nm+ process node
  • Enthusiast-grade desktop graphics card options
  • Hardware-Level Ray Tracing Support
  • A mix of GDDR6 and HBM2 graphics cards
  • More power-efficient than First-Gen Navi GPUs

There isn’t much we know about RDNA 2 aside from rumors but what AMD has officially talked about is Ray Tracing which will be available on their next-gen GPU lineup. With their next-gen RDNA architecture, AMD plans to have hardware-level integration on their GPUs to support…

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