Amazon BTC Payment Processor Closes its Doors

One of the first companies to push Bitcoin

A Bitcoin payment processing company for Amazon since 2014, finds that it cannot sustain its business model any longer. Closing Shop was one of the first companies pushing for consumer-based adoption of Bitcoin. It offered Amazon shoppers a means to make purchases with BTC for a discount.

Despite being a ‘first mover’ in this sector, the company is calling it quits.’s model was simple — the platform allowed users to trade in their Amazon gift cards for BTC. This enabled it to then offer discounts to its customers.

It seems that profitability for was sorely lacking. Despite being around since 2014, the company is folding in 2020. In a tweet made by the company, said that it would continue to offer withdrawals and support until June 26.

Last June, BeInCrypto reported on a tweet from where the company harshly criticized Bitcoin SV

The Struggles to Remain Profitable

The blockchain sector is notoriously difficult for companies and startups since profitability is often based on future expectations. Now, with the COVID-19 economic downturn, some cryptocurrency-related firms are concerned over how it will impact their bottom lines. It’s unclear whether shut its doors due to longstanding issues or poor earnings in the past quarter.

Cryptocurrency exchanges are often most at-risk. In August 2019, an investigation found that 97% of cryptocurrency exchanges in South Korea were close to going bust.

Crypto Market Exchange Down

As some commentators noticed, exchange bankruptcies were the ‘failed ICOs of 2019.‘ Some even outright scammed users. 

With a real economic crisis on the horizon, we may now start to see ever more cryptocurrency-related firms shutter as well. Their fates likely depend on how quickly the global economy is able to recover and where the sentiment towards digital currencies lands when we come out of the other side.

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