Alternative Bitcoin Cash Full Node Bchd Now Includes Public API

On May 3, the developers behind the Bchd project, a Bitcoin Cash full node implementation written in Go (golang), announced the release of a public application programming interface (API). The latest API feature shipped with the new version 0.14.3 offers an out-of-the-box solution that the Bchd developers say “just works.”

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Bchd Developers Announce Public API

This week, Bchd developers announced the gRPC API for the alternative full node bitcoin cash implementation written in Go (golang). The Bchd project already provided users with a high powered and reliable server with features like “fast sync mode” which allows the client’s initial chain sync to download in record time. The node also already included attributes like BIP113, 157, 158, and an adjustable block size cap. With the new public API, Bchd developers reported that it makes Bchd one of the top indexing blockchain servers for BCH. The programmers remarked that other full nodes like Bitcoin Core, ABC, and Unlimited only utilize enough data needed to maintain a local wallet. Because of this, blockchain engineers have to rely on indexing servers like Bitpay’s Insight which require more software on top of the full node.

Alternative Bitcoin Cash Full Node Bchd Now Includes Public API

There are other nuisances involved with alternative methods like Electrum’s stratum API and the heavy C dependency when developers use Libbitcoin. The gRPC scheme Bchd uses will make it much easier for blockchain engineers to have better indexing experiences and a reliable RPC framework that was created by Google.

“With bchd Bitcoin Cash developers have an out-of-the-box solution that just works — You simply download the binary and run it — That’s it,” the Bchd programmers explained.

Bitcoin Cash Community Excited to See More Development Progress

The Bitcoin Cash community was thrilled to hear the latest announcement from the Bchd team. “Hell yeah, can’t wait to…

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