Alphapoint Aims to Use Blockchain to Liquidate the Illiquid Assets

AlphaPoint is a fintech firm that was started with an intention to amalgamate technology with the financial sector to liquidate the still illiquid assets. The firm constituting of some of the best brains in the field of financial services and seasoned technologists have developed some of the finest technologies to make the financial sector even more technologically able. It boasts of being the only company in the crypto space that offers “primary issuance and secondary trading solutions.” AlphaPoint is now focusing on blockchain technology to develop seamless and secure enterprise-grade software.

AlphaPoint has developed some pioneering software solutions to enable the development of seamless and safe financial platforms. In its endeavor to enhance liquidity in the sectors that are still illiquid, it has launched some of the finest products.

AlphaPoint digital asset exchange software

This is a secure and steady white-label backend solution. It follows a model of multi-layered architecture along with an advanced security protocol that provides complete protection for all the assets of the customers of the virtual exchange.

The software solution allows users to manage global trading of crypto assets, which include cryptocurrencies and security tokens. It has a strong system for checking real-time error. The system also provides support for KYC, AML, and 2FA.

This software helps enterprises set up their own crypto exchange and delve into trading of virtual assets. This exchange could also be used to launch the virtual tokens of the company to pump in funds.

AlphaPoint Remarketer

The virtual exchanges around the world are all standalone entities with no connection with each other. This makes it difficult for an investor to keep track of each of the exchanges and simultaneously trade their assets on multiple exchanges at a given point of time.

To solve this challenge, AlphaPoint Remarketer software was developed. It provides orders collated from a list of leading virtual exchanges to the user’s personal AlphaPoint technology backed exchange. This innovative software solution helps in instantly adding liquidity.

The software has been designed to provide customers a seamless experience. There is a built-in foreign exchange converter that enables multi-currency conversion in no time, enabling operators to deal with clients around the world.

AlphaPoint Smart Baskets

AlphaPoint Smart Basket gives exchange operators the power to generate tokens, which denote a collection of various cryptocurrencies. This is similar to a mutual fund, a collection of different shares that is managed by a fund manager.

Here, the individual or enterprise owning the Smart Basket creates customized predefined baskets of virtual tokens in a bid to streamline trading and also to enable the exchange’s investors to invest in diverse currencies. This software solution also empowers its users to invest in different sectors while their digital asset portfolio is passively managed via automated re-balancing.

This allows the money to flow to different sectors, without the investor facing the trauma of the heavy loss of funds as their money is planned to be invested in a variety of sectors. The clients get the opportunity to invest in a broad segment of assets.

AlphaPoint eOTC Trading Platform

If there are institutional and high net worth clients on the exchange, who wish to undertake large block trades on a large amount of crypto-to-crypto and crypto-to-fiat pairs, then AlphaPoint eOTC Trading Platform facilitates this action. This gives the added advantage of instant liquidity to the institutional and high net worth clients.

Exchange operators can offer special prices in real-time and accomplish trading of large orders for clients without any market slippage. This platform allows the customers to trade without depositing funds in advance; the trading is carried out on credit. The settlement is managed with an innate interface.

The system also supports the management of regulatory work as per government regulations like KYC, AML, and 2FA.

AlphaPoint Asset Digitization Software

Clients with the help of AlphaPoint asset digitization software can create tokens for any asset class such as currencies and securities.

Blockchain technology can digitize any asset to produce security tokens, virtual currencies, or any other form of digital assets. This is a great way to access new capital sources, which were previously illiquid assets and include commodities, real estate, luxury goods, and shares of a private company.

This platform has been explicitly designed to enable the quick organization of smart contracts and token issuance. The platform also takes care that these assets meet all the regulatory requirements wherever it is required.

The firm has designed and implemented solutions for some of the imminent issues faced by the crypto trading and token segment. This has paved the way for increased liquidity in sectors where it was difficult to push capital, leading to its growth.

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