Allows Any Browser to Access Ethereum-Based Domains

Unstoppable Domains, a San Francisco-based startup focused on creating domains in blockchain, has announced that Cloudflare has enabled native resolution of .crypto domains.

The platform allows people to use public blockchains to host websites, which are likely harder to take offline, as blockchain isn’t able to be easily censored.

The integration will allow more than 500.000 domains using the .crypto blockchain domain to get mainstream adaptation by facilitating access for millions of internet users around the globe by using any web browser without the need for specialized software.

While blockchain domains have continued to gain popularity over the years, they have failed to gain mainstream appeal beyond cryptocurrency enthusiasts and decentralized internet advocates due to their technical nature and setup process traditionally required to access them

Now, internet users will be able to access .crypto domains just by changing a simple setting in their everyday web browsers, giving them access to the decentralized web and benefit from a truly neutral internet.

Back on February 9th, cryptocurrency exchange OKEx became one of the first exchanges to integrate support for blockchain-based addresses using Unstoppable domains for outgoing transactions, following Huobi and Coinbase’s example.

Harvesting the Power of Cloudflare Technology

Cloudflare’s Distributed Web Resolver was announced by the company back on January 13th of 2021 as a result of its research team’s efforts on finding alternatives to resolve queries that satisfied the necessities of decentralized protocols like InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) and Ethereum.

The Domain Name System (DNS) allows users to surf the web by using easily memorable URLs like “” instead of, making the internet easier to access for users.

Distributed systems like Ethereum and IPFS are not compatible with DNS due to their intrinsic properties, forcing companies to implement different…

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